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Woolube Lanolin Products

This natural, non-toxic product has virtually limitless applications in the modern boating industry and endless uses on farm machinery and irrigation equipment, in metal fabrication, for motor vehicle component protection, trailers, leather, sporting equipment, as a welding anti-spatter agent and for a multitude of household chores.

Woolube Grease is a thick, tacky grease with high load capabilities that will not wash out under most conditions, from underwater to general usage. Melt and apply with a paintbrush for heavier protection / rejuvenation. Woolube Grease will provide excellent results as an anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant.

Please note: Not to be used as a high speed bearing lubricant.

Some common situations that will benefit from the application of Woolube Grease are:

  • Anchors & shackles
  • Battery terminals
  • Boat Trailer Springs
  • Chains
  • Propellers & Skegs
  • Rubber gaskets & seals
  • Stops galling between dissimilar metals
  • Electrolysis
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Horses Seedy Foot
  • Irrigation plant & pipes

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