Quality Australian Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers

Western Australian, family owned manufacturers of quality industrial cleaning solutions and degreasers. Our goal is to produce efficient and effective cleaning and degreasing solutions and offer our customers a premium service and experience .

Safe Products

The majority of Liberato’s product range are non hazardous and biodegradable.

Enviro Friendly

Liberato products are formulated and manufactured to strict environmental standards.

Aussie Made

Liberato cleaning products and lubricants are Australian owned and manufactured.

Quality Australian Oil Suppliers

Quality Australian Oil Suppliers

We supply Australian owned and/or manufactured oils with the highest quality virgin based oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems. This is why we hold some of the highest OEM approval in today’s Australian market.

Top Dog Range

These heavy duty, high performance diesel engine oils have OEM approvals that are manufactured to meet with Australia’s harsh climate. Our top dog range includes:

  • Top Dog Indestructible (Diesel only)
  • Top Dog CK-4 /SN
  • Top Dog Global plus
  • Top Dog Global Mineral
  • Top Dog XDO