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Lantos Products are manufactured using natural processed refined lanolins, esters, fatty acids and oils that are highly resistant to salt, acid, and alkali’s. Lantos provides technically innovative Nano-fluid films that will penetrate, lubricate, preserve, seal, protect and prevent corrosion. They act as a natural anti-seize moisture barrier and corrosive inhibitor.

Lanolube LL730 is a lightly blended lanolin fluid-film liquid spray that acts as a quick release, penetrating, multipurpose fluid -film (with Lanolin Lubricant) that is suitable for all general purpose applications in industrial and marine workshops and home workplaces.

  • It will protect against corrosion, it is moisture, salt, alkali, and acid resistant.
  • It acts as a quick release penetrant that frees up rusted components.
  • Alternative to replace WD40 & INOX with natural Lanolin
  • It will go on protecting your assets.


  • Displaces moisture from surfaces, protecting them from corrosion.
  • Penetrates metal surfaces preventing wear and providing extended protection.
  • Penetrates seized parts for easing release.
  • Long lasting lubrication for all moving parts.
  • Protects equipment from atmospheric acid and salt corrosion.
  • Protects electrical applications and appliances from corrosion.
  • Resists breakdown in high temperatures and temperature variation.
  • NON-Conductive 70kV.
  • Food Safe, and is resistant to wash off.
  • Eco-friendly, Environmentally Safe, can be used around waterways in all environments.

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