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Liberato supplies quality products supporting Australian family owned businesses and manufacturers.

Distributors of Alemlube


  • Lubrication and Grease Transfer Equipment
  • Diesel Transfer and Metering Equipment
  • Petrol and Avgas Transfer & Metering Equipment
  • Oil Transfer and Metering Equipment
  • Waste Oil Handling, Dum Storage and Spill Containment Equipment
  • Grease and Oil Nipples
  • Solvent and Degreaser Spray Bottles

Grease Dispenser

Grease Dispenser with light weight and compact aluminium die cast head assembly. Coarse thread on barrel assembly eliminates cross threading during cartridge changeover and delivers up to 1.1g of grease per stroke.

Manual Oil Transfer Pumps

Manual oil transfer pump suitable for the transfer of diesel fuel, petrol, kerosene and low viscosity oils with delivery rates of 18L/min

Hose Reels

Impact resistant UV stabilised covers for maximum durability. Can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Pneumatic Oil Transfer Pumps

Air pump designed for wall mounting and is ideal for dispensing lubricants from mobile units.

Fuel Nozzle

Suitable for applications involving a certified electric pump. Delivery rates of up to 60L/min

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